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The Blue Team!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Blue Team!

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Thanks. :) [ Tuesday
08 August 2006 || 3:15 am ]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey folks. I wanted to thank you all for not getting angry at my not being around and as helpful as I could be. I'm doing what I can, but my boss has sprung a lot of last minute out of town jobs on me, so its hard to get internet access. The way things are running, I can always get in and help before the challenge is over, but not as much as I normally could. It should only be like this for a few more weeks. They've got me working fairs and that will end when school starts. All should be well, then. Again, thanks.


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Hey Little Blue Pill! [ Thursday
03 August 2006 || 7:05 pm ]
Just posting to cheer us on... My school's having this sportsfest and sitting through your team's cheer practice will do that to you... :P

So anyway... Even though we lost the last faceoff, there's still the next one! ^__^

I said, BRR! It's cold in here!
There must be some Blue Pills in the atmosphere!

Please don't kill me for that... XD And here's a huuuuuge "GOOD LUCK!" going out to Chrissy, our team member in the showdown. *hugs* You go girl! ^_^
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[ Sunday
30 July 2006 || 7:55 pm ]

Hey team... I just wanted to tell everyone Monday night and most of Tuesday i'm going to be out of town... I already told the Aussie hosts and they've told me there will probably not be any voting while I am gone which is good.... so I hope we win this challenge..... I'll probably have my mobil AIM up while I'm gone monday ngiht but thats about it so if ya need me just message me.... thanks guys

Peace <3<3<3
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[ Wednesday
26 July 2006 || 12:00 am ]

Hey I aint home and I cant get my thing to work so I'm just posting a quick thing saying I love lj, and I cant wait for the games to play and for the blue team to kick some butt... I will post another one
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Woot Woot! We're Blue! *yeah* [ Tuesday
25 July 2006 || 9:55 pm ]

[ mood | creative ]

Peer through the blue stained window to my life...Collapse )


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[ Tuesday
25 July 2006 || 8:54 pm ]

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